The World’s Most Expensive Diamonds Ever Sold

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The world’s most expensive diamonds around the world are sold for more money than most of us can ever hope to even dream of in a single lifetime.

Most expensive diamonds are sold at auction, so the highest bidders name their price and whoever offers the most money goes home with the prize. Most times, these are pretty massive diamonds. For instance, the average engagement ring is just 1.18 carats in size. However, these diamonds range from anywhere between 0.25 carats and 4 carats. In the former case, they are rare enough to fetch quite a hefty price. Even more so, once they are sold and re-offered at an auction, they only increase in price.

Just like with people who collect art, there are wealthy individuals around the world whose sole mission is to own the most expensive family heirlooms and gemstones the world has to offer. They are an example of the few commodities that can retain their value over time, and quite often, in fact, even increase that value.

Here are some of the most mind-bogglingly expensive diamonds ever sold around the world.

1. The Cullinan, $400 million

The Cullinan is the largest rough diamond that has ever been discovered. So named because it was discovered at the Cullinan mines in South Africa, 1905, it was first discarded by a mine manager who thought it was too large to be a real diamond. It was later rediscovered and cut into nine gemstones to become part of the Crown Jewels on the Queen’s crown.

2. The Hope Diamond, $350 million

Perhaps the best known gem in the world, there’s quite a story behind the Hope diamond – a merchant seller peddling it to King Louis XIV, stolen and changing hands severally in the following two centuries. It was then bought by Henry Philip Hope, whom it’s named after and later sold to jeweler Harry Winston who donated it to the Smithsonian Institution.

3. The De Beers Centenary Diamond, $100 million

The De Beers diamond was discovered in a mind in a South Africa mind in 1986 and was named in honor of the De Beers 100th year of consolidation of power (source: Credit Glory). It was cut for three years to achieve its present shape, modified to the shape of a heart and is now privately owned after being sold for $100 million.

4. The Pink Star

The most expensive diamond ever sold at auction was The Pink Star – the largest known pink diamond with the pink color grade. It was sold for an incredible $71 million in Hong Kong, bought by a local entrepreneur in 2017.

5. Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

This 14.62 carat diamond was sold for $57.5 million in mid-2016 in Geneva. It also holds the record for the largest Vivid Blue diamond to ever appear at an auction. It was snatched up by Sir Philip Oppenheimer, former chairman of De Beers

6. Graff Vivid Pink Diamond

At 24.78 carats, this diamond got a lot of eyes open when it was sold for a dizzying $46 million in November 2010 at an auction. The diamond was evenly set in a ring when sold and is admired by jewelers all over the world for its remarkable pink hue.

7. The Princie Pink Diamond

The Princie Pink Diamond was discovered at the world famous Golconda Mine in India over 300 years ago and has changed private hands ever since. In 2013, it got its newest owner who offered $39.3 million for all 36.45 carats of it. It’s the most expensive diamond from the mine ever sold.

8. The Orange

Aptly named, The Orange was sold for an impressive $35.54 million in 2013, making it the most expensive orange diamond ever sold. At 14.82 carats, the hefty price tag makes it one of the most pricey diamonds per carat, ever – $2.4 million for every carat.

9. The Largest Diamond Ever Sold at Auction

The largest diamond ever sold doesn’t have its own special fancy, unique name we’ve come to associate with expensive diamonds. At 118.28 carats, there was perhaps nothing all too remarkable about it other than the size and fine cut. It sold for $30.6 million in 2013.

10. The Sweet Josephine Pink

The Sweet Josephine Pink was bought by billionaire Joseph Lau, who gave it the name, which was borrowed from his seven-year-old daughter. He bought the 16.08 carat Vivid Pink diamond at $28.5 million in 2015.